GA Saltwater Fishing

Georgia hosts many types of saltwater fishing options. There is inshore were the fishing is focused on the protected marsh areas targeting redfish and trout. The nearshore fishing is done either off the beaches or just off the coast near to the shore targeting black sea bass and small snappers. For those wanting to make the journey to the gulf stream to catch trophy pelagic fish then offshore fishing would be your option.

Coastal Georgia offers bountiful offshore fishing trips that are great for all ages and skill levels. The waters off the coastlines from Saint Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island provide year-round action from the near shore wrecks all the way out to the warm waters of the Gulfstream. Georgia has some of the most beautiful landscapes with the salt marshes and winding rivers and the crisp waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Salt Marsh with Foggy Sunrise

NEar Shore

The nearshore fishing offers mostly shallow waters where you can find wrecks, artificial reefs, and live bottom habitat for gamefish. Depending on the season you are more likely to find certain species but some of the popular fish are black sea bass, sheepshead, cobia, snapper and porgy. Water depths range from 20-50 feet. There have also been many article reefs placed in the waters just 1 mile off the beach. These reefs provide shelter for small fish and act as a barrier for coastal erosion.



Offshore fishing is ideal during the summer months (May-September) since the weather plays a large part in reaching those distances in the Atlantic to the good fishing grounds. Going farther off the coast about 40 miles you can find gag grouper, amberjack, red grouper and mackerel. Once you hit the gulf stream about 70 miles off shore then you can start to find the pelagic fish such as mahi, wahoo, sailfish and tuna. Trolling lures in the current rips and humps on the western edge of the Gulfstream you will have better luck at hooking up to a fish. If departing from Jekyll Island or St. Simons Island you will round the bend and be met with the Atlantic. Many anglers prefer a bullet shaped wahoo lure when trolling in the gulf stream.